• Masking Tape 18mm x 25yards / 16m MT-18M  A1R2B62

Masking Tape 18mm x 25yards / 16m MT-18M A1R2B62

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B02 21 MT18X25


Masking tape is a type of pressure senstive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure senstive adhesive.
It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted.
The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied.
Product Descriptions:
> Ideal for marking areas to be painted both indoors and outdoors.
> It can also be used for art and studio projects.
> Whatever your project, this tape will allow precision when painting for the desired professional look.
> Hand tearable - no dispenser required.
> Good solvent resistance.
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